Yuchai Silent Type 1000KW Generator Set

  • Official guide price: 880800 Rise
  • Engine model: YC12VC1680-D31
  • Fuel consumption: 210 /KW.h
  • Decibel of noise: 88 dB/1m
  • *It adopts high strength alloy cast iron body forged steel crankshaft and broken connecting rod which has been fully verified by the market for many years and has high reliability.
  • *Equipped with advanced and mature Bosch electronic control common rail + high efficiency supercharging and intercooling technology it can accurately control the fuel injection quantity and sufficient air intake so as to ensure the full combustion
  • *Advanced supercharging and intercooling four valve and electronic control technology accurate and rapid combustion organization good emission good transient response performance and strong loading capacity.
  • *Two stage filter with alarm function is adopted to ensure the operation.
  • Product Detail

    Product parameters

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  • Generator set


    Length(mm)     6300 Engine brand     Yuchai
    Width(mm)     3000 Engine model     YC12VC1680-D31
    Height(mm)     2100 conventional power(KW)     1000
    Total weight(kg)     15200 Reserve power(KW)     1100
    Generator set model     VGF-YCJY-1000 Bore / stroke(mm)     200*210
    Rated power(KW)     1000 Number of cylinders(piece)     12
    Actual power(KW)     900 Cylinder arrangement     V列
    Full load fuel consumption(L)     164 Air intake and exhaust mode     Pressure boost
    Operational duration(Hour)     48 Speed control mode     电控
    Overhaul period(Hour)     2000 Rated fuel consumption(g/KW.h)     210
    Maintenance period(Hour)     400
    Life expectancy(Year)     15
    Noise(db)     88
    Starting mode     LCD button auto start
    Stop mode     LCD button auto stop
    Battery matching     200A*4
    Fuel tank(L)     200
    Protection function     Multi function and all-round protection
    Data display mode     LCD control panel digital display
    Reference price(RMB)     880800

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